CALTEL 2019 Regulatory and Legislative Initiatives


California PUC Proceedings


- CALTEL is actively participating in the CPUC investigation that is assessing the benefits of a comprehensive statewide database of pole and conduit infrastructure, and in the related rulemaking that is considering revisions to rules and regulations to improve competitive access to poles, conduits and rights-of-way


- CALTEL is also participating in the CPUC rulemaking that is considering changes to the Rule 20A undergrounding program, and filed joint comments with AT&T and Frontier addressing the need for undergrounding funding to cover the costs of relocating all aerial facilities, including those used to provide telephone and broadband services


- CALTEL is continuing to participate in the CPUC rulemaking that is reviewing rules and processes dealing with the confidentiality of information provided by CALTEL members to the CPUC


- CALTEL is continuing to advocate that the CPUC revisit and reverse its 2014 preliminary determination not to open the territories of the small rural ILECs to wireline competition


- CALTEL is also participating in a number of other PUC proceedings


FCC Proceedings


- CALTEL filed comments opposing a forbearance petition filed by USTelecom that seeks to eliminate the unbundling obligations of AT&T and Frontier, including access to last-mile copper loops


- CALTEL is participating in several other FCC proceedings, including opposing a petition that requests the FCC to preempt a San Francisco ordinance that promotes competitive choice for Internet services in multi-tenant buildings




 - CALTEL will seek amendments to AB 281 that ensure that any mandated or accelerated plans to relocate aerial utility infrastructure does not have a negative impact on broadband deployment or competitive choice for California consumers


-  CALTEL will continue to work with industry coalitions and members of the legislature to review bills and to advocate on behalf of its member companies and their customers 







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