CPUC Final Decision on Competition






2017 Regulatory and Legislative Initiatives



California PUC Proceedings


- Advocacy in connection with the wholesale access initiatives adopted in last year's Competition proceeding, including barriers to accessing UNEs (including copper loops) as well as wholesale inputs needed to support last-mile facilities-based infrastructure deployment (poles, conduits, rights-of-way, and building access

- Advocacy in connection with the interconnection/ICA dispute initiative adopted in last year's Competition proceeding, including IP interconnection and an expedited dispute resolution process;

- Continued advocacy on both regulatory and legislative fronts to protect the confidentiality of information provided by carriers to the Commission;

- Representing Member Companies in proceedings and workshops initiated by the CPUC


  • - Monitoring/building on the success of a new ordinance in San Francisco to pursue sponsored statewide legislation to address building access issues that are impeding competition and the deployment of broadband;

  • - Representing Member Companies/participating in industry coalitions on bills initiated by the Legislature as appropriate.



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